Onye Obimba Collectables was born out of passion and love for creative works of art.

"The incredible creativeness of man makes one wonder at the Awesome creativeness of GOD who, himself, created man."
Donald O. Obimba

Donald O. Obimba has had several years experience as a collector and researcher of MASTERPIECES, ARTIFACTS, OBJETS D'ART and ANTIQUES.

Website descriptions are brief and straight to the point. The details of all the items are available on request. Do contact us via WhatsApp (+234 915 580 6961) , direct phone call (+234 803 340 4297) or schedule a visit for physical inspection.

We will be glad to discuss any aspects of collecting MASTERPIECES, ARTIFACTS, OBJETS D'ART and ANTIQUES with you.

In this website, we have a selection of what we have in stock, and we intend to add to the selection on a regular basis as time goes on.